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Career Tips


  • Graduation is still considered to be one of the essential prerequisite for any job to hold
  • Till date in India about 75% of students join different colleges to complete their college education
  • Various academic disciplines are studied by students, ranging from pure, applied and social sciences to literature, language and other subjects from humanities

Choosing a Subject

  • Some of us select disciplines on the basis of last received scores or grades on that subject.
  • While some of us choose it because friends think it to be “coool”.
  • Again some of us choose it because….. “My mom said so, you know”.
  • Very few of us follow our hearts, selecting disciplines that we like most.Thus very few of us reach where we expect to reach

Continuing Confusion

  • After the confusion regarding selecting subjects ends, a new confusion starts. What to do next???????????
  • The confusion is more pronounced these days since there are infinite opportunities and equally severe competition.
  • Most of the information one gets is either very vague or insufficient, thereby creating all the more confusion.
  • By the time one really gets the needed information its either too late or too little a time in hand for further preparation.

Knowing Yourself

  • Knowing yourself helps a lot. You may be academically very bright but are you sure that you know your interests well enough?
  • You may know what a MBA is but do you know what kind of job one holds after completing a MBA and what are the specializations in it?
  • You may be academically sound enough to complete a MBA but your interests and aptitude may not suit the job that you get after completing it.
  • Always remember, a job is not just for you to earn but it also shapes the way of your life and you yourself

Time Check

  • You may learn about your interests gradually as life reveals it to you or you may take initiative to do so.
  • Life is fast paced these days and the sooner you start building your career and take your life seriously the better it is for you.
  • So defeat time before it gets better of you.

Career Counselling

  • Career counselling provides you complete information about yourself and provides you with complete information regarding the jobs best suited for you.
  • It assesses your various personal attributes and matches your profile to the jobs that suit you best.
  • It helps you save both time and money. A little investment in time will save a lot of wastage on your part.


  • We in “ROSNI” exactly do the same.
  • We assess your personal attributes and chalk your career out.
  • We want you to benefit from our expertise and experience.
  • We wish you every success of life!!!

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